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Including community views as part of the decision-making processes is an important way of ensuring residents can participate in decisions that impact on the current and future wellbeing of the community. Ashburton District Council engages with the community on a range of Council matters and projects through consultation and feedback.

Current council projects and matters you can provide comment and feedback on are displayed below.​​​​​​

Live consultations

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Resource Management Notifications

From January 1, 2021 to January 1 2021

Closed consultations

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Community Engagement Policy

From March 19, 2021 to April 19 2021

Coins & Bar Graphs

Rates Remission Policy

From March 19, 2021 to April 19 2021

Ashburton Memorial

Development and Financial Contributions Policy

From March 19, 2021 to April 19 2021

Long Term Plan 2021-31 Have Your Say Banner

Long Term Plan 2021-31

From March 19, 2021 to April 19 2021

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Draft Dog Control Bylaw & Policy

From June 11, 2021 to July 11 2021

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Draft Open Spaces Bylaw

From June 11, 2021 to July 11 2021

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A submission is feedback given in response to something Council has out for consultation, such as a plan, policy, bylaw or strategy. There is normally a submission form to complete, but you can also simply send us an email with your feedback.

Anyone can make a submission. You can also make a submission on behalf of others, but the submission will be taken and processed as a single submission. If you are submitting on behalf of an organisation, it is important to ensure you have the right to do so, and that you are representing the organisation’s views correctly.

It is also good to remember that it is often not a ‘numbers game’ when the elected members are making a decision. One submission with a good idea backed up with good reasoning and explanations can have more effect than multiple submissions providing little or no explanation for the view.

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When you submit a written submission, you also have the option to appear in front of Council and present your submission at the hearing. You need to indicate this on your written submission. Once consultation has closed, staff will get in touch with the date and time you have been scheduled to speak.

The Elected Members will have read your written submission before the hearing, so it is best to use this time to provide more context or additional information. You cannot ask questions of the Elected Members during this time.

You will be given 10 minutes in total – we recommend you use 5 minutes of this for presenting your submission and leave 5 minutes for the Elected Members to ask any questions of clarification. If you submit more than one submission, you will still only be given the one time slot to cover all of the points in your submissions.

The hearing will be live streamed on Facebook and Youtube and is also open to the public to attend in person.

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All submissions that we receive are published on our website. Once consultation closes, staff process all submissions and summarise the feedback. This, along with staff comments, goes to the Elected Members for use during deliberations. The deliberations are livestreamed on Facebook and Youtube, and are also open for the public to attend in person.

During the deliberations, the Elected Members discuss the feedback received – both written and verbal. They then indicate to staff if they wish for any changes to be made to the draft documents that were consulted on.

Following the conclusion of the deliberations, staff will then go on to make any changes requested by the Elected Members during deliberations. The updated version will then be presented at a Council meeting for adoption at a later date. Once the final version is adopted, all submitters will receive an email or letter explaining any changes.

Closed consultations

The Long-Term Plan 2021-31 consultation closed 19 April 2021.

Every three years we develop a 10 year plan which sets out our direction. It lets you know what we will be doing, how much it costs, and how we intend to pay for it - it's our commitment to our community to deliver the services and infrastructure our district needs to thrive.

We received 431 submissions in response to our consultation. These, along with a summary of the feedback and the changes made, can be viewed at

View the Long-Term Plan 2021-31 here.

The Draft Community Engagement Policy consultation closed 19 April 2021.

In early 2021 we undertook a review of our Significance and Engagement Policy, which sets out when we will consult with the community, and how.

One of the changes we made to this policy was re-naming it to our ‘Community Engagement Policy’.

We received three submissions in response to our consultation, with one submitter presenting at the hearing held 11 May 2021. You can see the summary of feedback here and the final policy here.

The Draft Rates Remissions Policy consultation closed 19 April 2021.

In early 2021 we undertook a review of our Rates Remissions Policy, which sets out the conditions and criteria to be met in order for rates to be remitted.

We received two submissions in response to our consultation. You can see the summary of feedback here and the final policy here.

The Draft Development and Financial Contributions Policy consultation closed 19 April 2021.

In early 2021 we undertook a review of our Development and Financial Contributions Policy, which sets out how we will plan for and fund infrastructure and facilities to meet the anticipated growth requirements of the district.

We received five submissions from a total of 69 submitters, two of which presented at the hearing held 11 May 2021. You can see the summary of feedback here and the final policy here.

You can learn more about development contributions here.

Consultation on the Draft Walking & Cycling Strategy closed 30 November 2020.

The four main goals of the Strategy are:

  1. A coherent, safe and connected uran walking and cycling environment.
  2. A quality, fit for purpose recreational walking and cycling network that connects to key destinations.
  3. Ensuring the urban and rural walking and cycling networks integrate to create an accessible district.
  4. A district committed to walking and cycling for health, well-being, safety, environment and economic reasons.

We received 68 submissions in response to consultation, with 145 submitters presenting in person at the hearing.

Final Walking & Cycling Strategy

Summary of feedback

The following changes were made to the strategy, following feedback.

  1. Acknowledgement of the mountain bike trails and clubs has been included in Appendix D of the strategy.
  2. Additional safe crossing projects on State Highways have been included in the action plan - objective 1.5 (page 14). Priority and timeframe have been changed to high priority and short term.
  3. Investigation of a learn-to-ride cycling space on Council property (similar to the bike skills park at Caroline Bay) has been included (objective 4.1D, page 16).
  4. Proposed footpath locations from the forward works programme have been included in the Ashburton & Tinwald maps (pages 21 – 23). These shared paths include sections on Racecourse Rd between Charlesworth Dr and Allens Rd, Albert St extension to Ashburton Christian School, Tarbottons Rd extension to Cawton Grove subdivision etc.
  5. The 'Our cycling network' paragraph (page 5) have been revised to better reflect cycling in the purpose of the strategy.

Consultation on the Baring Square East Project closed 14 September 2020.

With the new Library & Civic Centre being built next to Baring Square East, plans have been developed to upgrade the Square.

We received 26 submissions, and the following changes have been made to the design brief for Baring Square East.

  • Three concrete arbours will be removed from the site with the remaining retained as a key vertical feature of the square.
  • The John Grigg statue and Llew Summers ‘Love’ sculpture will be retained within Baring Square East.
  • The Legion of Frontiersmen and Boer War memorials will be retained in the current locations on Baring Square East.
  • Continue with lifting the water feature pavers, the basalt paving and seating as per the concept plan, and include shaded areas for some seats.
  • Continue with the concept plan proposal for a one-way traffic flow along Baring Square East, with entry from Cameron Street and exit onto Havelock Street.  The final design must include 45o angle parking and an allowance for bollards at the Baring Square East and Cameron Street / Havelock Street intersections.
  • The final design retains the current layout of Baring Square East and uses the existing established exotic plants for structure and natives in the lower-lying plant form to reflect the district well and simplify the design.
  • The final design reflects the concept plan for the civic plaza and allows for future use with power and lighting in relevant locations
  • The final design reflects the concept plan for the civic plaza and allows for future use with input sought from Council’s Events team and the Ashburton Trust Event Centre team on power and lighting needs.
  • Council officers have also been directed to undertake a condition assessment of the John Grigg statue and incorporate remedial work, if required, into future budgets, and to bring forward the review of the Mobile Shops and Hawkers Bylaw to 2022.

The Draft Speed Limit Review consultation closed 8 March 2020.

Early 2020 we undertook a review of the speed limits on our local roads throughout the district to ensure the limits on our roads are safe and appropriate.

We received 204 submissions in response to our consultation, with 14 submitters presenting in person at the hearing held 22 June 2020.

Summary of feedback

Speed Limit Maps

In response to the feedback we received from the community, we made a number of changes to the original proposal. The main decisions are described below.

Ashburton East

A number of roads in Ashburton East, including Taits, Northpark, Glassworks, Southpark, Seafield, Keenans, Grayburn, McGrath, Milton Road South, and Smithfield Roads are to remain unchanged, at their current speed limit of 70 km/h.

Mt Somers

We had proposed sections of Ashburton Gorge Road and Hoods Road to be 60 km/h, these will now be 50 km/h, with the 50 km/h speed limit zone on Ashburton Gorge Road extending to the water station.

A request was made by a number of submitters for a reduction in speed along Arundel Rakaia Gorge Road, adjacent to the township entrances. While we have not reduced the speed along this section of road, Council officers will work with the Mt Somers Citizen Association to investigate alternative options to encourage reduced speeds.


A 40 km/h speed limit in subdivisions was agreed rather than the proposed 30 km/h.

School zone speed limits

We agreed to reduce the speed limits around all schools: 40 km/h urban schools and 60 km/h rural schools. The placement of the school zone speed limits will be discussed with the schools and affected stakeholders, with variable signs installed once the placements of the zones are confirmed.

The Draft Ashburton Domain Development Plan consultation closed 5 July 2020.

The Ashburton Domain Development Plan (ADDP) was designed to:

  • provide strategic direction and coordination of future expenditure in the Ashburton Domain over the next 30 years;
  • maximise the value of the domain'
  • capture the public thoughts, wishes and ideas about the future direction of the domain.

We received 164 submissions with 23 submitters presenting in person at the hearing.

Summary of feedback received

Final Ashburton Domain Development Pan

In response to feedback from submitters, the following changes to the draft plan were made:

Central Hub

The plan recognises that the domain lacks a central focal point for activity and information. Instead of locating it where the bowling club is, the plan now shows the central hub located  on the northern side of the carpark adjacent playground and waterplay area. This hub would contain a small pavilion sitting within a broad overhead canopy structure. This will be a starting point for people visiting the domain with the area providing a place for information, refreshments, community activities, education and display.


The plan now shows immediate removal of the existing aviary structure and the expansion of the wildlife garden into this area. In the longer term a new modern walkthrough aviary could be incorporated into the wildlife garden.

New entry and access

The draft plan recommends a new entry and access road into the domain from Walnut Avenue. This project has been brought forward because of the impending changes to the Walnut Ave and West Street intersection.

Other changes

Other changes include an expanded pump track, inclusion of sensory and edible gardens, and the removal of potential alternative uses for the curators house. The band rotunda on the southern corner has been scaled back to a waterside shelter and the plan also includes a 5 year review period.


The proposed timelines for the each of the projects are shown on page 42 of the plan. They have been amended to incorporate feedback from Council hearings and deliberations. If the ADDP is adopted by Council and the preferred timing of projects are confirmed, each of the projects will be price checked for consideration in the LTP 2021-31 process.