Markets and Stalls

I want to set up a market, what do I need?

If you are planning to set up a market on Council owned land, you will need to obtain licence to occupy. This can be applied for by contacting the Council on (03) 307 0077.

I want to open a food stall, do I need a licence?

Discuss your proposal with the Environmental Health Officer on (03) 307 7700 beforehand, to ensure you understand any regulations and conditions.

Requirements for setting up a food stall are similar to setting up a permanent premise.

Fill out an application form and return it to the Council with the licence fee to start the process. If approved, you will receive your Registration Certificate in the mail.

When you have received your Registration Certificate, you are ready to trade. Your Certificate will be valid for one year.

Your Registration Certificate must be carried on you at all times while trading.

Applying for a food stall licence

Download a food stall licence form

Download a charity, club or school food stall form

Fee and charges

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